Respected Dr Shishir Singh ( Dean,  Terna Dental College )                                                                                                25th February, 2023

I Shri Vijay D More, aged 64 presently staying in Borivali (East), Mumbai. Visited Terna dental College some where  in Dec. 2019 for Dental treatment.  It would be injustice if I do not write a Thanks giving letter to you for the quality treatment given by your entire team (Doctors and non teaching staff ) and  Doctor students

Several of my teeth were missing and some were caped, few of them were held together by a bridge. Due to this my look was miserable besides couldn’t chew the food properly. Hence decided to visit Terna Dental College

 After examine the conditions of the teeth , the Doctor at Terna Dental College suggested that I should go for Implants. Major implants in upper jaw and few in lower jaws.

Due to various reason (Covid from March 2020 to Jan 2021 , college exams, seminars and conferences after removal of major teeth, Surgery was done on 21st June, 2022 for 10 implants. The surgery was done after several rounds of discussion amongst Doctors attached to Department of Prosthodontics.

Thereafter again various measurements, Photos  and models were prepared by Department of Prosthodontics.

Ultimately  1 upper denture, 2 lower dentures, caps for lower front teeth and for other natural teeth were prepared. All these Dentures were fixed on 15 th February , 2023. All the above work was carried out by  various Doctors, Professors and HOD and was done in consultation with each other.

I was very very surprised, happy, delighted and satisfied to get the treatment of Implants which now give presentable look of all Teeth and Denture. Also the cost of treatment is very Economical besides being high quality treatment by expert and Experienced Doctors /Professors.

My Observation :

 1 Professors Doctors in the Institute  are Expert in their subject , having deep knowledge, ready to help to any extend to the students as well as Patients.

2. All the treatment were explained to me fully and with  photos, models etc.

3. I am fully satisfied with the services provided by the Entire team of Terna Dental College

The Institution is having a team of eminent and extraordinary Professors who teach and inspires the students with their unmatched quality of Knowledge, Honesty, Integrity, passionate and ready to help attitude towards the students and all the Patients.

             I am sure they will bring more Laurels to the Institute in future and will ultimately help Patients    

and their relatives accompanying them.

Really appreciates the extraordinary efforts of Prof Dr. Praveen Badwaik, Prof  Dr.  Anshul Khanna , Prof Dr Naisargi Shah (HOD). They were closely monitoring the entire  treatment caried out by PG doctors.   

The efforts and hard work of Dr Anuja Nikam and Dr Priya P, Dr Adithi remains un parallel during the course of Treatment which was  highly effective, well planned and executed at all time and levels.  I am personally happy to receive dental treatment from all the Doctors who are in fact  the Sculptor,  architecture of the entire treatment ultimately  giving good look to my face. In fact they are the VISHWAKARMA of your Institute. 
The institute is having very good Infrastructure and modern Medical, surgical equipment which not only help doctors but also the students and patients.

Needless to mention the Clean, neat spacious Campus of your college. Delighted to see the students playing on the Green ground in your campus.

Also I would like to suggest to have more and clear coordination between Doctors and the Laboratory which is located in Bhyander at about 70 Km from Nerul. To avoid the waste in time during commuting and communications from Lab to College a small Area in your college may be allotted to the best Lab. This is just an suggestions.

For your reference I am sending the Photos before Implant and after Implants. Entire look of my face gives a presentable look now. Terna Dental College has given Quality dental treatment which is very much economical and affordable to most of the patients.
Thanking you once again.
Yours faithfully,
Vijay D More.
Bhoomi Breeeze, L 1502, Raheja Estate, Borivali East , Mumbai 400066 
Before Treatment
After Treatment